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Deck Cleaning & Restoration Charlotte NC | Reliable Power Washing - wash4As you already know, Mother Nature can and will eventually destroy anything left outside long enough.

This is especially true for wood structures like a deck. That doesn't mean a deck won't last, it simply means that proper maintenance needs to be done if you want it to. Cleaning and maintaining your deck with the proper wood care products will keep it looking great for years, all while reducing repair costs related to wood rot. Let's face it, nobody likes to spend money fixing things that shouldn't be worn out yet. Unfortunately, it will happen if your deck is not protected from the elements.

If your deck is already starting to look old and gray - don’t give up hope! Our wood deck restoration techniques can revitalize it. We use the best deck cleaners, stains and sealers.

We can strip away old stains and sealants as well as wash off dirt, spots and mildew by applying a fresh coat of wood stain or sealant. Contact us today to learn more!

Keep Your Deck Protected and Looking Like New

Cleaning decks is one of the most popular pressure washing projects performed throughout the country. Every homeowner that has a deck made from treated lumber needs to add deck cleaning to their maintenance program in order to keep the wood looking great. We fully understand the need to keep your deck protected from the elements and how important it is to clean with professional grade cleaners. It is also important to use the right pressure washing equipment set to the correct PSI in order to prevent the wood from being damaged. We're the experts, and we want to help keep your deck looking great for years to come. 

Our 7 Step Wood Restoration Process:

1. Wood Evaluation

2. Clean, Remove Mildew, Dirt and Strip Stains

3. Brighten and Neutralize Wood

4. Let Wood Dry Out

5. Sand Hand Rails

6. Detail Work and Necessary Rails

7. Apply Professional Grade Stain/Sealant 

Deck Sealing and Staining 101

What is the difference between a stain and a sealer? The majority of outdoor stains are sealers, therefore we consider everything we use to be a sealer. There are three basic types of deck sealers: solid, semi-transparent and oils.

Deck Cleaning & Restoration Charlotte NC | Reliable Power Washing - arrow1Solid

This is like a paint, forming a film on top of the wood and not allowing grain to show through.

Deck Cleaning & Restoration Charlotte NC | Reliable Power Washing - arrow1Semi-Transparent

This allows for some grain to show through and is also film forming. Both are available in a wide variety of colors.

Deck Cleaning & Restoration Charlotte NC | Reliable Power Washing - arrow1Oil

This penetrates the wood and enhances the wood grain. These have fewer color options, but are also available in clear. Oils are easier to maintain and keep wood looking great year after year.

We only use top brands that have been proven to last the longest and have the easiest maintenance. 

No matter what your power washing and cleaning needs are, we've got you covered. Get the affordable, reliable and quality services you deserve today.

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